Types of tissue paper use in daily life

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Tissue paper is currently widely use. Many models, various quality But did you know that There are many different types of paper that we use today, from usage, ingredients, and prices. We can use them to get the most benefit. You can do this by choosing the right type of tissue paper. By type of paper, it is easily divide as well. 

Toilet paper

It looks like a roll. As we see in the bathroom, this type of toilet paper is made from virgin pulp from trees and new pulp from recycle paper. It comes in clean white, colored, or patterned forms, as well as many sizes Report by https://ufabet999.app

  • Function: Used to cleanse the excretory area. our Therefore, you should not use it to wipe your face or eyes. Shouldn’t be wrapping in food. Should not be use to hold food or should not be use to absorb oil because in the production process substances such as sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and dioxin are use. which is a carcinogen and remains in the paper

Facial tissue (Tissue Paper)

Use for blotting the face after washing the face or removing makeup. It is tough-soft. After use, it should not be thrown away in the toilet. It will easily cause the pipe to become clogged. If you observe easily If it’s facial tissue. It’s usually pack in a rectangular cardboard box that can be easily taken out and use.

  • Function: Used to wipe the face, clean makeup. Therefore, the texture is soft and prevents irritation.

Table paper napkins.

Use for tableware Use instead of napkins for eating. Do not use toilet paper instead – which is commonly use. The properties of the paper are soft and similar to facial tissue. But it must be sticky and not easily disintegrate. And should not be thrown into the toilet because it can easily clog the water pipes.

  • Function: Used to wipe and clean lips.

Paper Hand Towel.

As for paper towels, we can see them in public bathrooms, hospitals, and hotels. They are boxes attach to the wall. They are tough and do not fray or break easily. When in contact with water they absorb water well and are product for use on the skin. But it should not be brought into contact with food or use to absorb oil from food.

  • Function: Used to wipe hands.

Multi-purpose paper (Paper Towel).

It is a paper that is often use in the kitchen mainly for use in general household work instead of a floor cloth. Or a table cloth can be use to absorb oil from frying. But should not be use on the skin.

  • Function: Used to wipe away dirt. Absorb oil from frying.